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Linx (Formerly Lindab USA) Safe Spiral #TCPU Tee

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  • TCPU tee 90 degree.
  • Lindab Safe self sealing single wall round spiral duct system.
  • Meets SMACNA Leakage Class 3 without the application of external sealants or flanges.
  • Linx 10 year warranty to meet SMACNA Leakage Class 3. Entire system must be Lindab Safe spiral pipe and fittings.
  • Standard G60 galvanized steel meets ASTM A653 and A924.
  • Duct system gauge in accordance with the latest SMACNA HVAC Construction Standard to +10 inches w.g.
  • Fitting ends have rolled edges and factory installed double lipped U-profile EPDM rubber gaskets.