PennBarry - Fumex Fatrap UL762 Upblast Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fans

By PennBarry


  • UL762 Listed 400 degree F commercial food service grease-laden fume exhaust fan for roof or wall mounting. Meets NFPA 96 requirements.
  • Adjustable V-belt drive. Force cooled, open drip-proof, thermally protected motor under a removeable dome.
  • Fully assembled with NEMA 3R weatherproof safety disconnect switch mounted and pre-wired.
  • Patented backwardly inclined non-overloading aluminum centrifugal wheel.
  • AMCA Certified Ratings for Sound and Air Performance.
  • Optional accessories available: 18" high prefabricated roof curb.

  PERFORMANCE DATA ( 32 Page Fumex Catalog)