Roof Products & Systems - Pipe Portal Curb Covers

By Roof Products & Systems



  • RPS Pipe Portal System provides engineered components designed for leak-proof roof pipe penetrations that allow for movement.
  • Curb cover is molded of durable ABS plastic with a laminated acrylic coating. Single or double cover.
  • Single Cover fits over 12" x 12" O.D roof curb. Accepts any EPDM cap.
  • Double Cover fits over 27" x 12" O.D roof curb. Accepts any two EPDM caps.

Add System components to complete installation: 

COMPONENTS (Sold Separately):

  • Prefab Roof Curb to mount Curb Cover
  • Caps are compression molded of EPDM rubber. Caps have one or more conically-shaped stepped nipples.
  • Clamps Stainless steel snap-lock swivel clamp for use on each penetration.
  • Alternate Mounting Alumi-Flash Base is a self flashing base that does not require curb nor curb cover.